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Since our inception, Ignite Within
has been totally focused on the growth of business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Ignite Within Transformative Coaching & Consulting offers global experience and local knowledge to help you focus, make effective decisions and succeed.


I believe everything rises and falls on leadership and leadership is about influence not titles.  Ignite Within’s goal is to ensure you learn, live, and lead in your life, business, and career.


By making an impact on the current issues that my clients face, and anticipating ones they may face in the future, I empower individuals and businesses to lead globally with confidence. 

Our Founder

Gladys Agwai

Hello! I'm Gladys Agwai


I have several beliefs about leadership;


ONE everything rises and falls on leadership,

TWO leadership is about influence not titles, and

THREE leadership spans across life, business, and career.


Ignite Within’s goal is to ensure you learn, live, and lead achieving success as you define it.  John Maxwell is the #1 global leadership expert. As a John Maxwell Certified International Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Business Strategist, I empower individuals and businesses to lead locally, regionally, and globally with confidence.  My leadership experiences are cross-industry and cross-cultural.


So, no matter how complex your questions, I have the capability and experience to deliver the answers and questions you need to ask to propel forward.  With 30 years of successful leadership and life experiences, I can help you “organize the noise” to take decisive actions and achieve sustainable growth and results.


It is important for me to live with purpose which is why I began my journey to build a portfolio of programs to service individuals and businesses to grow and expand their reach. This allows me to help others in a way for them to help themselves to then carry it forward to help others. 


My most notable accomplishments were in IBM leadership with top people manager and leadership awards and sales with top sales contributor awards along with the impact I have had on numerous individuals and small businesses in helping with their growth and development.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University and a Master of Science in Management and Human Resources from the University of Phoenix.



I look forward to working with you through your most difficult challenges and turning them into winning opportunities and the aspirations you have for your life, business, and career to learn, live, and lead.  

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