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Gladys Agwai,Professional Speaker


GLADYS AGWAI has been sought out globally as one of the best inspirational, engaging, and authentic speakers with a global platform helping professionals, organizations, and young people. From a struggling single mom to corporate executive to business owner, Gladys’ courage and determination has inspired and helped her audiences have a breakthrough discovering their own untapped talents and infinite potential altering their trajectory. 


As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ignite Within, Inc., Gladys has developed messages, workshops and programs that transform lives and organizations that are cross-functions, -industries, -regions, and -cultures. Her messages help ensure accelerated, globally competitive, and sustainable growth both personally and professionally. She is an international author of three books, Dumped! NOT Dumped On! How to stop reliving the negative impact of rejection in your life, business, and career, IMPOSTER! Five Strategies to Self-Discovery, and co-author of Life Boosts. In her last book Dumped! NOT Dumped On, Gladys continues the journey with her audiences providing a clear and practical blueprint to leverage change and not be destroyed by it, stop ignoring the signals of change, and see and seize upon the opportunities that come through change and rejection.


Messages from Gladys are customized and will help audiences who want to:


  • Use change versus being destroyed by the change    

  • Be proactive in identifying the internal and external signals of change.        

  • Avoid the consequences of ignoring the internal and external signals of change       

  • Change their thoughts, behaviors, and results associated with change and rejection from change    

  • Understand, challenge, and manage the pain from change and rejection        

  • Create opportunity from change and rejection in all areas of life, business, and career        

  • Get the clarity and right mindset needed to be proactive, transformative with a willingness to take uncomfortable action to successfully transition through change and rejection

Gladys lives, plays and works in the greater Atlanta area on virtual and live global stages. She is committed to “Ignite the Fire Within” individuals and organizations to leave with the clarity and right mindset to take uncomfortable action to successfully transition toward their aspirations.




"Gladys developed, coordinated and provided the keynote address for members of the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC Regional Affiliate Office).  As a corporate leader, Gladys provided critical coaching to medium and small business owners and leaders.  The information was not only relevant but extremely engaging.  Members said that the coaching was “outstanding, our best session”, “Gladys provided inside information and access to grow our businesses”.  Gladys not only raised the bar for GMSDC members, but also set a new standard in coaching businesses and providing access to new opportunities. Sylvia N.

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