Ignite Within is a Transformative Coaching and Consulting firm led by Gladys Agwai.  Gladys Agwai is a professional and business strategist that supports through clarity of purpose and objective with an effective plan to execute with confidence. 

"Take Fearless Action to Accelerate Your Growth."

WHAT DO I DO? I teach how to get unstuck and clear to take fearless action to make transformational changes to stand out, accelerate growth, and make more money. 

HOW DO I DO IT? From distinctive convention keynotes to highly personal, interactive face-to-face and virtual coaching and training, I use three decades of global executive experiences and research to ensure custom designed, authentic, engaging, and inspiring programs that meet unique requirements and needs.

DOES IT WORK? Yes!! From my client: “Gladys developed, coordinated and provided the keynote address for members of the GMSDC. The information was not only relevant but extremely engaging. Members said that the coaching was “outstanding, our best session”, “Gladys provided inside information and access to grow our businesses”. Gladys not only raised the bar for members, but also set a new standard in coaching businesses and providing access to new opportunities.”

WHO ARE MY CLIENTS? I am proud to have worked globally with executives, professionals, organizations, and business owners, i.e. GMSDC, University of Chicago Health and WV State University, Project Management Institute, SCORE, Atlanta Business League, Women’s Chamber, HIVE Global Leaders, International Summit of Leaders, HatLab, Venture Platforms, AfriGrowth Foundation.  And, I would LOVE to work with YOU!!


I have the capability and experience to deliver the answers and questions you need to ask to propel you forward by taking decisive action to achieve sustainable growth.



Learn how to transition for success with personal, professional and "business" growth



International Business Experience and over 30 years of executive leadership development. Book Gladys Agwai.



"As my career coach, I felt an immediate connection with Gladys. She spent time learning to know me not just on a professional level but a personal level as well. I always felt comfortable to confide in her, and she taught me how to communicate my aspirations to my leadership and obtain the recognition that I deserved.  While working with Gladys, I won several awards - Rookie of the Year, General Manager, Rep of the Quarter, and Rep of the Year."-Mary J.