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Our Services Reach People Across the World

Emerging economies are tricky terrain to enter. For local companies, the competition entering your market will require your organizations to take a new look at your business to determine its global and regional competitiveness. Trusted connections, local and non-local knowledge are key to understanding what is required. We've spent extended time doing business in Africa across multiple sectors with a focus in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya and understand the local challenges, opportunities, and how to successfully do business in this market whether you are currently doing business locally or new expansion.  Ignite Within will provide you with the balanced approach, leadership expertise, and strategic connections required to be successful.


As we work with companies whether as a start-up or existing company or manage a specific program or project, your company will be properly set up to take advantage of emerging markets and become locally, regionally, and globally competitive. As your liaison, our team will breathe a new life into dreams of global expansion or local growth. 


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