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Personal & Professional Transition

If you have been feeling unmotivated, unable to produce results and defeated by your current personal or professional situation, Gladys can coach your through by providing you with coping strategies and ways to overcome hurdles to success and gain the skills that you need to get promoted.

If you are trying to overcome personal obstancles that are holding you back, I can help you find your way. At times, mind viruses, internal factors, and external influence can impact how you repsond to troubles in your life. Not being able to effectively handle adversity, performance feedback, challenges and disappoinements can ultimately take over your life.


If you are a professional and in need of a mentor that has already walked the path of Corporate America, learn from the mistakes of someone with 30 years of international experience. Experience and exposure are key and if you do not have the opportunity to have a mentor in the workplace, take advantage of the opportunity of having one in me. Learn strategies for how to manage up, embrace constructive criticism, work in teams, and balance emotional intelligence with leadership.


With my coaching sessions, you will learn how to overcome mind viruses and find purpose in your life and professional career. You owe it to yourself to feel good about who you are again!

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