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3 Key Reasons Your Brand’s Online Content Should Be More Accessible

Are you thinking of making your business’s online content more accessible for hearing-impaired visitors? If you’re not, you may want to consider doing so. Creating accessible content for people with disabilities will not only make your products and services more accessible — it could also protect your small business. Read on for some tips and helpful resources, courtesy of Ignite Within.

Adding Subtitles to Online Content Can Be Simple

For many small businesses, being more inclusive feels like less of an option because of budget and time limitations. When it comes to adding transcripts and captions to your online audio and video marketing content, subtitle services can make it easy to reach hearing-impaired online consumers without putting a strain on your time or budget.

Website developers are becoming more aware of the need for making sites accessible to all, including features like alternative text to video, using descriptive URLs, and allowing users to switch to larger font sizes. When hiring a developer, make sure they are familiar with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. You can also hire social media management services to help with content on Facebook, Twitter and so forth. Of course, for budgeting purposes, you’ll need to know what the going social media manager hourly rate is so be sure to do your research. Just know that it will be money well-spent. By ensuring all of your content is accessible, you know your audience can engage through every possible avenue.

As the demand for closed-captioned online videos increases, services like these will become more essential to both consumers and small businesses, but you can stay one step ahead of your online competition by creating accessible content for hearing-impaired customers now. Plus, Forbes points out that being aware of the inclusivity of your business can help you make other changes in your marketing and operations practices, all of which can provide a major boost for your brand.

Marketing to People With Disabilities Can Be Profitable

You might feel like the percentage of people interested in accessibility is low, but as Campaign US explains, research indicates that 69 percent of all consumers believe that retailers should make their online content accessible for those with disabilities — which includes shoppers with hearing impairments. Many brands started offering accessible marketing products and online content for Global Accessibility Awareness Day, but those efforts are not nearly enough to reach the wide array of online consumers who are living with hearing loss or alternate disabilities.

If you want to boost your profits by making your advertising and online content more accessible, consider hiring a freelance web developer or designer who specializes in web accessibility. A marketing firm can also help you come up with a solid plan. While marketing apps can help you with general digital marketing efforts, tailoring your strategies to reach such a niche audience can take more pointed expertise.

Dealing With Accessibility Lawsuits Can Be Expensive

Increasing profits and boosting inclusivity is enough motivation for many small businesses to create accessible online content for consumers with hearing impairments. If you need even more of a reason to update your online video, audio, and marketing content, though, making sure you’re complying with all the applicable state requirements and avoiding ADA compliance lawsuits is another perk of creating an accessible online presence.

Lawsuits of this nature are becoming more prevalent and tend to target businesses that fail to include accessible e-commerce options. While there are no current federal regulations which stipulate that private businesses must make their websites ADA-compliant, many of these lawsuits have been decided in favor of the plaintiffs. So not only do these businesses have to invest in accessibility changes to their websites, but they also have to pay damages.

Responsible and savvy small business owners know the value of adapting to accessibility needs. So if you want to ensure the long-term success of your small business, make sure that all your online content is more accessible for all online consumers. Because the costs of ignoring hearing-impaired customers are too high to neglect this crucial marketing step.

Ignite Within is a Transformative Coaching and Consulting firm led by Gladys Agwai, a professional and business strategist that supports through clarity of purpose and objective with an effective plan to execute with confidence. Book your free consultation today!

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