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“The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything you want.”-Abraham Hicks

The feeling of wanting something always begins with the feeling and experience of not having it. So much of the time, you say you want something, but the things you do, the way you think, and act are not coherent or aligned with the things you say you want. You do not have the relationship you want, so you long for it. You are lacking the income you desire, so you focus on wanting more. You feel an absence of meaning in your life, so your attention goes to that feeling of something missing. When your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are out of alignment with your desires, you send mixed signals. You are signaling to the universe that you are not ready for the experience you are asking for. Are your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in alignment with the things you say you want?

When you are unclear or not confident, you will get guidance that leads you to the healing you need to change your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Colette Baron-Reid said, “In order to receive the guidance you want on your next right actions, you must start by rehearsing and practicing the feeling you want in advance.” If you want to fall in love, find ways to feel those feelings before the lover shows up. If you want to experience abundance, look for the ways you are already abundant and enjoy that feeling now to attract more of it. The universe speaks the language of energy and responds to your negative and positive energy.

When you become overburdened by situations, people, and emotions, you become frustrated, uncertain, and drained lowering your energy and alignment. Being aligned with the universe means that you are in tune with your life; you know what direction to go and what choices will lead you down the right path. You feel comfortable with who you are as a person, and everything seems to fall into place easily. When you are out of alignment, it can be challenging to know where to start because everything feels wrong. It is important to remember that just because things might not seem perfect, it does not mean there is no hope! When people are truly aligned with the universe, they are open to ideas and possibilities. They allow themselves to be creative and accept that things will not always go their way. When in alignment:

• You Live in the Moment: Life happens now, not later! Be aware and appreciate your surroundings.

• Your Way is Cleared: Things within your environment happens effortlessly and quickly as people and situations are added and subtracted that are conducive for your higher growth. When surprised, do not resist. Flow with it.

• Look for Meaningful Coincidences: Notice the patterns happening in your life and how you are feeling. The universe is guiding you.

• Notice Your Disinterest: The universe may be awakening you from the wrong actions previously taken. Do not be short-sighted. Notice, listen, and act.

• Learn the Lessons: Life situations are not futile exercises. Learn self-love, patience, and forgiveness. Do not blame yourself for getting stuck. Accept what you cannot change. Build healthy uncompromisable boundaries.

• Focus on Your Body: Understand the cause of your body’s pain and disease. Understand it and be grateful for that understanding making the appropriate changes.

• Practice Gratitude: Experience everything as a blessing and look for clues about why you may feel lost or disconnected. You may not understand the benefit now, but you know that whatever happens is meant to happen.

• Do Something for Others: Life is about what you give to other people. The universe constantly gives whether you realize it or not. Be open and allow it to flow to you and out to others.

• Let Go of Negativity: When constantly focused on your problems, grudges, or complaining, you block the goodness. There is always something positive attached to anything negative. See and seize it!

• Love Yourself: Everyone has flaws. Learn to see your flaws as a part of who you are, and your growth rather than your flaws defining you. You are unique not imperfect.

• Look for Signals: The universe constantly sends you signals that tell you what you should be doing. Sometimes the signals are obvious and other times subtle. Be sensitive to understand what to do next.

The universe is always guiding you to live in the abundance of health, love, wealth, and peace. Realize its guidance. Know that it always has your back. You might not notice the universe working around you, but it is always at work.

“When we decide, the universe moves.”-Gladys Agwai

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