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Are Your Mind Viruses Holding You Back?

Is fear your focus? For example, do you want to grow in your career or your business, transition from your job to start a business, move to another company, ask for a pay increase, transition from staff to leadership to executive, completely change career paths, move away from a bad manager or relationship, have a child or more children, go to a particular school or any school that seems out of reach, or do something you want that goes against family/friends and scared to make that move? Scared to do or have what you have always wanted? Is your attention too often focused on what cannot be done? It is critical to be aware and understand your fears and take action.

The National Science Foundation said we have up to 60,000 thoughts per day with 85% being

negative and 90% of those thoughts repeated. As a result, there is a negative tape that consistently

runs unless you do something to disrupt your negative pattern of thinking. If you do not disrupt it and your focus becomes the fear about the situation giving it a negative meaning (too hard, impossible to accomplish), the negative result is sure to follow. Your mindset has been formed throughout your

life based on what you believed was possible. How you see yourself and how you think others

see you, dominates your thinking about your capability and readiness to achieve new heights.

Your focus + Your Mind Viruses (belief system) = Your Results. According to Tony Robbins,

International Motivational Results Coach and Speaker, three patterns of focus exist:

1. What you have versus what is missing,

2. What you control versus cannot control, and

3. Your past, present, or future.

The goal is to focus on what you have, can control, and the present. If you focus on what is

missing, cannot control, and the past, you will be miserable with unachievable goals. If you are

not satisfied with your results, then you must change your patterns of focus. If your belief system

is you are not worthy, capable, or enough to have that job, promotion, business, love of

your life, client, school of choice, or transition for growth, it will not happen. Why? Because

you can never go further than your self-image! The needed actions to achieve it will not manifest

it out of fear. Do not stay stuck and scared missing out on the clarity needed to have better

relationships, more money, freedom, fun all with less stress!

What are mind viruses? They are five contagious thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes that lead to negative

or positive behaviors, actions, and results:

WORTHINESS: Do you feel worthy of success

CAPABILITY/READINESS: Are you capable and ready to make your next or bold move? Or

do you always have to cross another “t” or dot another “i”?

AM I ENOUGH?: Are you enough to be a role model for your children, family, employees, co-workers, or friends?

PERSEVERANCE: Do you tend to give up when the going gets tough? Or do you struggle

through difficulty, uncertainty, chaos, and rejection? Is your mentality, “I will keep trying until I

achieve my dream even with it is hard?”

DESIRE: Do you have the desire to continually improve? Do you have the desire to do what it

takes – learn new things, go for new opportunities, or receive constructive feedback?

How you answer these questions will determine if you are in the right emotional state to catapult

yourself forward or remain stuck. Feeling and acting on whether you are worthy or capable will

yield different results. Your answer will propel you forward or hold you back! If you do not

feel worthy or enough, it not only impacts you but those in your circle, such as your children,

siblings, or friends. They will not see your full potential or see your example and be scared to

make moves.

Whoever one touches, in many times the smallest way, will infect who was touched. Will

your touch yield a negative or positive outcome? Who are you “allowing” to infect you?

Is it your partner, children, friends, other family, co-workers, bosses, or clients? Who are you infecting? Ouch! Understanding, reflecting, and determining what you are “allowing” is critical

to discovering who you are, where you are, and what you need to change to transform yourself

and the situation. It is not your responsibility to force acceptance or non-acceptance on the other

person. Release yourself from the outcome of how someone receives your intention to make a

change. But you must act with good intention using a new set of thinking habits to change your

negative patterns.

Do not operate with a mindset of limitation toward what you want:

• Stay attentive and focused!

• Remain emotionally charged, connected, and committed!

• Be intentional about your routine and habitual actions!

• Consistently improve!

• Keep your power by controlling the only thing you can control – YOU. You are not a victim!

Remember the words you attach to your experience becomes your experience. What pattern

of words are you using to describe your feelings and experiences? If you attach the word humiliation

or hate or joy, your experience will be humiliation, despair, or joy with the appropriate

actions to follow. The word is followed by your story about humiliation. You then set your strategy based on a false story of humiliation. It is really a learning and growth experience. Change your story before you set your strategy to be in the optimal emotional state required to achieve your results.

To do this, you must be aware you are in a negative pattern, pay attention to it, set an intention to then take appropriate action. No action, no results!

“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”

-Brian Tracy

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