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How to Avoid the High Cost of a Low Vision

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high, and we miss it, but that it is too low, and we reach it.” -Michelangelo

Having a company vision is a foundational piece of any organisation. It charts the course for the organisation that allows it to navigate through the challenging waters of change and the signals of change. Of equal importance is your vision for your life. And you should be clear about the vision you want to have. Without a vision, it is difficult to bring others on board, i.e., employees, family members, or friends. The lack of a vision or a lowered vision developed from fear will keep you or the company stuck and wondering why you cannot achieve the short- and long-term outcomes you want.

A vision:

• Puts substance and meaning behind your goals achieving

greater fulfilment.

• Makes it easier to get through obstacles as you refocus on

what you want.

• Sets your expectations for success as you define success

which brings the confidence needed to keep going.

When establishing your personal vision, know that it is uniquely yours. Too often, personal visions are based on what others are doing or what others think about what you are doing. No one should know you better than you know yourself. Know what is important to you, be creative, outline your steps to accomplish your vision, and act. This should be a journey to enjoy and with the year ending, it is a perfect time to re evaluate your life’s vision, rededicate yourself to it, and refocus to get and keep you on track. But you must ensure you have the proper perspective, or you will miss it. T.D. Jakes asks you to understand if you are seeking your perspective or taking advice from a turtle or giraffe. They both have the same surroundings but different viewpoints. The Turtle is low to the ground and at the feet of the giraffe. It only sees from this perspective and uses what it has been given operating within its capacity. It is impossible for the turtle to see from the giraffe’s perspective and viewpoint.

The Giraffe on the other hand considers experiences from a broader and higher view. It can also lower its neck and stoop to see from the turtle’s perspective becoming more vulnerable to attacks if it remains in the lower position to long. In life, you lower yourself to get perspectives from friends, co-workers, partners, and family members who have the perspective of a turtle.

You hope they will see your vision, provide advice, and wish you well. But when you get criticized and ostracized from the turtle, your self-esteem is lowered making you vulnerable to more attacks. As a result, you change your vision or take wrong actions to fit a direction from someone who could never relate. You are setting yourself up for hurt and failure. You MUST remember the turtles are commenting from their limited view and experiences on the ground. It is not their fault. As a giraffe, you must know what and who you are and what you want based on your panoramic perspective.

How do you know you are allowing too many turtles jealous giraffes to change

your vision?

• Toxic environment? Are you talking to turtles about your vision who will never see it or work to talk you out of what you know to be true? Are there jealous giraffes giving you a false perspective of what they see keeping you from achieving more? Exit from toxic relationships and situations as soon as you can. Understand why you attracted, accepted, and tolerated them. Set the intention and act to have relationships that elevate you, have the same rhythm as you, understand how you work, and are supportive.

• Feeling dirty? When being criticized and judged and you then criticize and judge, you are playing in the mud, and you will get dirty. Raise your level of thought, energy, and behavior that fits the visionary that you are. Let it be a reminder of what you do not want to become. Use good judgment when you want to share your vision or direction.

• Not achieving? Are you unfulfilled and off course? Did you set your course? Are your actions aligned with your vision? Are you changing course on a whim of what others think? Refocus on your destination, re-chart your course, and take right action to reach your destination.

What ultimately happens in the lives of all people is that they live at the level of their vision.

“When you were built to be tall, you will endanger your position if you lower your perspective.”-T. D. Jakes

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