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How to Bloom with Grace Wherever You Are Planted!

“Sometimes when you are in a dark place, you think you have been buried when actually you have been planted.”

Life has many seasons. Unlike the four seasons of the year, life’s seasons come and go quickly, without warning, and leaving you wondering why. Why now? Why me? Do you wish your life was different, for example, a different place, job, partner, client, boss, or company? You often think that you would be better off with anything or anyone else other than what you have right now. You feel stuck with the fear that you are missing out on something better. Your belief is unless you get unstuck out of or away from “it”, your life will be over or will suffer. It is like you find yourself suddenly in the dark, not able to see where you are going, and breaking everything that you touch as you stumble along.

You become frustrated and exhausted because of your continued focus on the darkness and your inability to see that comes with negative behaviors, and actions. As a result, you miss the opportunity that surrounds you right where you are because you do not sit and adjust to the dark. When you sit to adjust, you can then begin to see enough in the dark to stumble less to see better the opportunity and move towards it. What dark place are you stumbling in right now? How are you comparing yourself to others?

I am asking you to think differently to see and seize upon the opportunity in your current circumstances and bloom where you are planted. To bloom is to grow, flourish, and mature from wherever you are planted. Blooming is more than riches and success from a material perspective. Blooming is about your heart and relationship reconciliation between you and your higher power which leads to better overall relationships and love of self and others. Sometimes you choose where you are planted (new relationship, new job) and other times it is chosen for you (fired, divorced, inflation). Your blooming can happen at any time within peace and chaos. As with plants and flowers, blooming does not happen overnight.

It is a process but one you will get through if you bloom with grace by being gracious, patient, and kind to others. Never harbor bitterness of any kind. Know that you are planted where you are for a reason (growth) and there is no reason to hide. To bloom where you are planted, you must:

• Accept where you have been planted physically, spiritually, and relationally.

• Not allow difficult circumstances to dictate your faithfulness, work ethic, and growth.

• Stop complaining.

• Understand that every step in your life prepares you for the next one.

• Change your attitude if you cannot change the situation.

• Be a blessing to others from your struggles attracting to you those who need what you have.

• Bloom through concrete – Look for the crack/opportunity for growth.

• Notice, feel, and act upon your growth.

• Shine your light bright to drown out the darkness to see the path.

• Surround yourself with authentic, kind, supportive, and loving people who have vision and direction.

Ask yourself:

• What is this experience teaching me?

• How can I use this experience to propel me to my goal?

• How does my attitude and belief system need to shift to better serve me?

• How can I refocus my energy to gain better results where I am?

Bloom where you are planted by making the most of your moments throughout the day. You are only guaranteed moments. Do not waste them. Be grateful for the moments given to you and your current experiences whatever they may be. When you begin to feel lost, frustrated, or unhappy, remind yourself of the bigger picture, your larger goals, and how your current experiences relate, and how you can support others to support yourself. What must you adjust to motivate yourself to get back on and stay on track to be at peace and bloom where you are?

The right time will come for you to be replanted based on your choices, lessons learned, and growth. When replanted, ensure you bloom within your new circumstances whether you chose them, or they were chosen for you. Once you get clear with direction and act to bloom where you are planted, you will attract and notice the right resources aligning for your current disposal to help you see and get to your destination.

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.”-RUMI

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