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“I am no bird, and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” -Charlotte Brontee

Once a country has a new government through fighting and working to maintain its ability to be independent, how do the people of the country become and remain free and independent within the country and themselves? Nigeria and other countries around the world celebrate the idea of independence as being freedom from the oppression of an external governing source.

On October 1, Nigeria is celebrating 61 years of independence from British rule. When seeking independence, Nigerians had to look deeper for their true power to overcome the oppressor who “seemed” to have more power than those who sought independence. To have true freedom and independence you must be accepting and believing that you and you alone must be responsible for your life. You must take back control by finding a) your underlying supportive energy; b) transformational wisdom that is hidden in

plain sight, and c) building your independence and freedom on this strong foundation.

It brings a powerful opportunity. Can you feel and see the opportunity for you? The information below will help you take a deeper look for your true power to overcome obstacles toward you own personal independence. How do you find your personal declaration of independence? You must understand and accept that you possess it. It cannot be given, and you cannot demand your independence be given through external sources, such as, government, religion, company, education, parents, or family. You must recognise your sovereign power of self-determination, self-guidance, and self-direction is within you NOW! You have also been given the power of free will, choice, and awareness. Use these to make independent and decisive decisions. You are not a victim of the collective.

When you are in your true power you do not need to use force or coercion. It is your mind over matter. Have you ever made up your mind to do something and change happened? I mean when you were clear that the pain of staying caged is too great to bear any longer or the pleasure of independence is too good to stay stuck. You then make moves to change your world not caring about controlling external forces.

You independently chose to start, stop, or change a business, career path, relationship, or habits. You are no longer stuck on fear but move with fear to experience independence and change. I remember being in a job where I felt like a bird in a too small cage. I wanted to be free. My emotions went wild. In my mind, I had to get out of that cage. My actions aligned with getting out of that cage so that I could be free to create the experience I sought.

I found my independence regardless of what was happening around me. I decide – my power, my choice, my will, my direction, my actions, my consequences moving in fear. Are you living or working in a cage of dependence that is squeezing the life out of you? There is a way to be liberated from the cage and if you must stay, a way exists to be free within the cage. Surrender and allow! Whatever your circumstances, it is and will be well.

Claim and declare your personal and spiritual independence! It is a journey of progress. People pledge their allegiance (highest expression of commitment and devotion) to a nation, flag, government, cause, company, or religion. There is a shift of allegiance from loyalty to the material world or people toward the invisible endless possibilities that exist. To achieve the level of independence and outcomes you desire, allow yourself to be directed, guided, and supported by your Higher Source to receive the wisdom, knowledge, and power within it.

Your shift must be conscious, deliberate, and respected to transition and transform. Your personal and spiritual independence will provide courage, clarity, integrity, peace, and appreciation for what exists around you now and the future. These are some independent ways of being that others do not do. Do any resonate?

• Risk taker

• Good habits

• Open minded

• Decision makers

• Comfortable being alone

• Strategize and plan

• Financially independent

• Comfortable with saying NO

• Leaders

• Speak up for others and their own beliefs

• Observers

• Respect themselves

• Set boundaries

• Self-improve

• Hard asking for help

• Emotionally controlled

Celebrate Nigeria’s independence wherever you are! I love Nigeria! While celebrating and after, reflect and understand what true personal and spiritual independence means to you and how you can begin to leverage your power to transform yourself to be independent in your thought, reactions, behaviors, actions, and results.

“When you are independent, you learn strategies of self-empowerment.” Marcelle Hinkson

As featured in Business Day.

Written by Gladys Agwai

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