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How to Live with Focused Intention for Greater Success in 2023!

“First it is an intention. Then a behavior. Then a habit. Then a practice. Then a second nature. Then it is simply who you are.”-Brenau Brennard

Around the globe, people of all cultures aim to become a better version of themselves setting their New Year resolutions of which 80% fail. As you welcome in this new year, allow it to come with a sense of clarity, momentum, and peace by looking within you and connect with your deepest inspirations, aspirations, and intentions. An intention is your loving commitment to YOU that joins your mind and heart to achieve your highest calling. It is a shift in perspective that subtly aligns you to your inner voice and spirit.

Intention is not like a goal or resolution that calls you to make radical changes or reach certain milestones. Intentions are decided today, while resolutions and goals are set for the future. Intentions are all about moment-to-moment inner peace, self-love, truth, compassion, and other matters of your heart. Leverage better this powerful tool of intention to help you achieve happiness and fulfillment. Setting good intentions provide insight into your values, aspirations, and purpose allowing you to live in the present moment while targeting new achievements. Your goals are the desired outcome, with peace as your intention throughout that process even when goals are not achieved. Stating your intention out loud aligns your heart and mind and creates a meaningful purpose to fill your day. Choose an intention every morning to help you stay focused and centered through chaos repeating it throughout the day. There is no power in your intention if there is no value or meaning in achieving it. Begin and decide what matters, explore life areas that need an upgrade, be specific and thoughtful about what you need and the obstacles to getting it, and create a success mantra (short phrase) to get you through to your goals.

Intentions create value in your daily life by providing motivation to achieve something in the moment rather than in the future. Your success simply relies on doing one thing a day that supports your intention. Here are some common examples of intentions. Will your intention today be to forgive, let go of limitations, show compassion, practice self-love, find peace in your heart, embrace who you are, be grateful, creative, present, or patient, model the way, or let go of what no longer serves you.

Take a moment to reflect inwardly to manifest an intention for yourself that deeply resonates with you. When your intention is set, do not hold on too tight or obsess over it. You have brought it into your spirit and now be present with it. You can repeat your intention in your mind whenever you feel it and act whenever an opportunity presents itself. Some ways to nurture your intentions can be simply a soothing glass of tea, volunteering, journaling, meditating, yoga, or mindful walks in nature. Experts say you must not only think and speak your intention but also “feel your feelings” as if they are happening or already happened. Connect your energy and commitment to your intention.

According to the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, “Setting a goal is important, but numerous studies have demonstrated that intentions to change behavior alone does not often result in actual behavior change. Simply setting a goal seldom leads to actual behavior change. For some, identifying an appropriate goal is difficult, while for others, putting goals into action is the roadblock.” You must figure out if you need to break a bad habit to achieve success or develop a new skill set to hit your target. Set a detailed plan of action understanding if the goal is one to be achieved over a short or long period of time. Your goal is more likely to be implemented with an action plan that is specific to where, when, and how your goal will be implemented. It must not be allowed to collect dust but evaluated often for progress and appropriate adjustments.

A “coping strategy” should also be created. What will you do when faced with unhealthy choices and people? How will you juggle a new routine while also juggling family and work responsibilities? Having a plan to reach your goal and handle barriers to success is key. Set your intentions and make your action plan to improve and cope in the new year!

Here are my top intentions for 2023: be consistent, be gentle with myself, live mindfully, try new things, be my favorite, reconnect with good people, and express myself unapologetically. My success mantra and coping strategy – See the


“Intentional living is the art of making your own choices before others’ choices make you.”-Richie Norton

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