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How to Step Out of Failure!

“Growth begins when you start to accept your own weaknesses.”

With the end of the year now in sight, have you made the progress you planned on this year? If you are exceeding all your goals and setting new ones – congratulations! Now is not the time to slow down, but instead capitalize on your momentum and tap into your success. If you have not met your goals for the year, you are not alone. And how this year ends will be how your new year will begin. If you want to unlock your best self and brightest future, you must prepare, train, and learn to ensure growth, momentum, progress, and happiness across all areas of your life not just work. No matter how accomplished or happy you are in life, there are always areas of improvement.

But people often find it difficult to give themselves praise even when deserved and needed. And it is equally hard to acknowledge wrongdoings to learn from mistakes. Self-assessment requires you to be vulnerable with yourself. When you reconnect with your wants and needs, you have a compass to chart and redirect your course. To feel fulfilled and happy, you need to know what would make you fulfilled and happy. But it is hard to pinpoint and is constantly changing as you evolve and learn.

Reflection on your key life areas will help you to understand what you have been paying attention to and in what areas you need to shift your attention to have a well balanced life. The seven key life areas of reflection are Health, Family and Friends, Love, Purpose, Finances, Passions, and Spirituality. With this assessment, you must be specific, honest, and aspirational as you assess and understand your goals in these areas. The intention is not for you to stress about this but to be honest and consider this a journey of understanding and transformation that will carry you into next year.

For each of the seven key life areas below, I want you to do three things: 1) Reflect on where you have been, are, and want to go; 2) Rank where you are currently from 1-5 with one being the lowest and five the highest; and 3) set three goals or habits that would improve each. Ensure you are in a private space to focus when doing this reflection.

Health: Are you optimizing your physical and emotional health and well-being. Are you energetic, motivated with a strong mental and physical stamina?

Family and Friends: Can you say I am authentic in my relationships with family and friends, and I am surrounded by positive people. I am very connected, present, and bring positive energy into their lives.

Love: Do you feel compassion and love for all people and those you interact with. Can you say, with my significant other, my connection is deep, trusting, loving, appreciative, and spirit filled. I love my partner and demonstrate patience, respect, and attention. If you do not have a significant other, do you live your life in an open, loving, and connected way? Are you patient and peace-filled with positive expectation for this partnership?

Purpose: Can you say - I have clarity on my purpose in life. I am energized and fulfilled by the work I do and my contribution to humanity which adds “real” value to the world. It is a true reflection of the best me which helps me to enjoy and experience the lifestyle I want.

Finances: I am in a good and comfortable place with my finances. I am living the lifestyle I want today and the future. I can be supportive of those requiring my financial support.

Passions: I take the time to enjoy those things that I am passionate about beyond work and career.

Spirituality: I am connected to a source higher than myself, living in the present moment. My actions are aligned and guided by my beliefs, faith, and values which are at the forefront of all my decisions and day to day actions.

As you make your assessment, reflect on a) results and experiences to be repeated or not repeated, b) top three lessons learned, c) uncertainties and certainties about your future having a plan to mitigate any risks. Do not believe it when you are told there is no such thing as work/life balance. You can have balance! YOU determine what balance means based on what matters to you. YOU can change the priority whenever you want! After completing the assessment, go into the new year with MOMENTUM - POWER - CLARITY- CONFIDENCE - COURAGE! Ask if help is needed to start living instead of simply existing. Enjoy your success journey!

“Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable."-John Wooden

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