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How to Take Back the Joy the Grinch Stole from You

“Find out where joy resides and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss joy, is to miss all.”-Robert Lewis Stephenson

God wants your spirit to be at peace and peaceful. He wants you to feel comfortable and full of joy because He knows that when your emotional bucket is full, it is easier to accomplish your spiritual mission, which is to glorify Him by spreading love and light. But not everyone wants you to be happy because they are not happy. They want to steal your joy so that your focus is on everything that is wrong in your life. This leaves you anxious, unsettled, and at odds with people and your circumstances. It keeps you from shining your light of encouragement on others allowing the power of darkness to steal your joy and win. This power of darkness is called The Grinch who is a person who does not like other people celebrating or enjoying themselves. Do you have a Grinch in your life that spoils, steals, or dampens your joy? Are you the Grinch stealing other people’s joy?

In the Christmas story The Grinch, he was a survivor of childhood trauma being orphaned on Christmas and bullied because he was different. Christmas was his trigger of abandonment and rejection as he vowed to destroy everyone’s celebration. It is important not to minimize his experiences, yours, or others. However, to hurt others because of your negative experiences is not okay. You harm not only those you target but yourself. How can you identify the grinch in you and others?

• Hold grudges: It can feel empowering as you keep score in the moment, but it does not last. Be open and honest about your feelings.

• Insecure: Feels like you do not fit in nor let in. Practice small habits of self-love.

• Saboteur: Project anger, malicious jealousy or resentment towards yourself or others is dangerous. Remove yourself and choose to be empathetic by refocusing and reframing the situation for healthy discussions.

• Self-centered: Compare and minimize other peoples’ problems to your own. Be respectful of others journey as well as your own.

• Self-protect: Pretend you are okay when you are not. Lift the weight you carry and find someone you can trust. Be a person someone can trust.

Do not let the Grinch steal your joy and rob you of your peace. You can protect your joy better now and, in the future, when you understand the below:

• Words will never break your bones: Words only hurt when you agree and define yourself by them. Knowing who you are is what matters most. You Matter!

• Own your own happiness: Your validation and happiness does not depend on others. You are enough!

• Do not compare yourself: This is the worst thing you can do especially with the rise of social media. Everyone excels in different areas and not in others. Release those negative thoughts. Improve yourself to be your best self!

• Live in the present moment: Focus on your activity in the present moment without judgment!

• Ensure authentic and positive relationships: Negative people whether family, friends, co-workers, or clients are a drain on your inner joy, energy, and peace. Release them with good intention and love!

• Be grateful with practice: Be grateful for the little things, i.e., breath, food, roof, skills, or God’s love. Be grateful for what you have and be ready and grateful for what will come!

Your joy is too precious to have it taken from you. Joy must be savored! Assess whether the people within your circles of influence in your life, business or career are stealing and sapping your joy or bringing you joy. Know when it is being stolen through reflection and being more pragmatic regarding your surroundings and overall environment. Are the people in your life always critical, uncompromising, aggressive, antagonistic, negative, or manipulative? Assess who is the grinch, modify your behavior to change what you can control (YOU), and be more assertive in how you interact with others when your joy is being stolen. You can distance yourself or completely make an exit out of their lives. Also do not be the grinch in your own life, blaming others for stealing your joy self-sabotaging your life. Do not allow unresolved conflict, envy, complaining, pride, and anxiety steal your joy. Refocus and reframe your negative experiences and thoughts. They are not from God. Choose love and peace. Be present in your life to know what you must change to overcome obstacles and live a joyful and joy filled life!

“I will let nothing, and no one disturb my peace of mind.”-Gladys Agwai

Happy Holidays!

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