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“Anger is a beast within us that needs taming.” -Saru Singhal

According to Daniel Amen, your brain is “always” listening and responding to the hidden influences that I call the beasts! And your beasts are calling the shots and controlling your life. These beasts, when allowed, will steal your happiness and ability to cope with stress, damage relationships and health stunting your future and your destiny. You do not want that. Awareness, facing the truth, and taking action to tame your beasts is essential to your mental health. You must break the bad habits, shut down self-sabotaging thoughts, and beef up your capacity to deal with uncertainty. I was talking with an executive who was incredibly nervous about leading a high-profile project at work. This project would also profoundly impact her ability to spend quality time with her family. She had feelings of dread, panic, anxiety, and helplessness enveloping every aspect of her being. She could not shake those feelings. Throughout her childhood her father told her she would never amount to anything which she continues to carry today. While in corporate and in a male dominated field, she constantly felt that what she did was never good enough. She was sure she was not capable and going to lose her job. After much anxiety, she completed the project. But the mind viruses just stacked one on top of the other telling false stories.

I cannot do this project.

I will lose my job.

I will never do well on key projects.

I will never get another job.

I am a failure.

My family and friends will lose respect for me.

My husband will divorce me.

My children will hate me.

No one will care for me.

My life should end.

Until you can recognize and identify your hidden beasts, you will continue to tell yourself false horror stories based on incomplete information. The result is a self-sabotaging life. You have a choice of reality decision making for change or to rationalize, like, or make excuses. Below are some examples of truths to accept that is a first step in taming your hidden beasts to gain back control:

• Something will always go wrong whether you want it to or not. There can be beauty in the struggle. Jim Rohn, Entrepreneur, Author, and Motivational Speaker said; “Do not wish it were easier. Wish you were better. Do not wish for fewer problems. Wish for better skills.”

• Using the word ‘should” will never get you where you want to be. The word should is used to either make an excuse for not doing something or complaining about a circumstance beyond one’s control. Focus on what you MUST do. If you are seeking a divorce with limited personal income, you must get a stable income.

• No one is coming to save you. Support is available but only your decisions and choices made can save you.

• Take ownership. You control your reaction and behavior. “If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.” Theodore Roosevelt

• A perfect time does not exist. If you are waiting on the perfect time to act, are you really saying you do not believe you are capable or worthy enough to achieve it?

Leading, taking ownership, and being accountable for your life will go a long way towards taming your hidden beasts. Know your worth and value so you can stop working so hard to:

• Prove others wrong.

• Earn happiness.

• Chase the dream.

• Chase the hustle.

Many beasts exist within you that must be recognised for what they are and tamed. Some of them are the beasts of abandonment, invisibility, insignificance, inferiority, imperfection, anxiousness, shame, entitlement, responsibility, anger, judgment, grief, loss, hopelessness, powerlessness, ancestral, parent, sibling, birth order, and internet trolls. Some of my beasts are ancestral, loss, and inferiority. I am intentional about taming, eliminating, and outfoxing the demons and thoughts that fuel them. What are the key beasts that have taken control of your life? Is it judgment, anger, entitlement, or others? How can your life be different if you took control and tamed your beasts? How deep have you spiraled down into the horror stories of lies that have shaped your life?

The key to taming the beast is to:

• Recognize the beast for who it is.

• Know what triggers you to react in a

self-sabotaging way.

• Look at the upside and opportunities

that challenging the beasts can bring.

• Do not compare yourself to others.

Become confident in who you are and

what you want.

• Eliminate the bad habits of distraction,

obsession, procrastination, disorganisation,

and creating problems.

Your internal beasts will be whispering inside your head daily and many times moment to moment when a trigger erupts. You know your beasts are running wild if you find it difficult to think, feel, or act in any given situation. Recognise it and work to keep your beasts in check! It is the key to staying on the path of happiness and success. Life will continually throw you for a loop. It is a fact. It is the truth. The impact of COVID is an example of a threat to everyone’s stability - health, financial, livelihoods, and daily routines. The beasts that were dormant came roaring back. Even after over a year, the inner beasts are running wild and in control. Ensure within your circles of influence you and those around you are experiencing a BETTER life of more peace, more happiness, and better relationships. You and those around you deserve it!

“It is simply not an adventure worth telling if there are not any dragons.” J. J. R. Tolkien

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