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The One Thing That Must Be Done to Get It Done - This Time!

There is something helpful about a fresh start if you give yourself that opportunity. However, too many people will not do that because they are living in fear. They are not planning for anything or not the right thing. They have lowered their standards due to external challenges which are real. You may be doing great in your career, but your home partner relationship is not. Or your finances are going well but your health is not, or family is great, and business is not. Fortunately, human beings are not creatures of their circumstances and can triumph over any difficulty faced. But to do that you have to step up, change your mindset, raise your standards, get clear, get motivated, find your momentum, and act. You do not have to settle.

The year is ending with a new one beginning. To have better, you must sit with yourself long enough to get clear reflecting on the year by knowing where you want to be, understanding the gaps to get there and what is needed to close those gaps. It will require deciding, setting a plan, acting, and ensuring follow through.

But what has kept most people from succeeding so far and will continue to keep them from success? Their momentum is too easily lost or stopped. Momentum is the strength or force that you have when you are moving forward or toward something that allows you to grow. You are always either gaining or losing your momentum. If you lose it, you will stop believing, working out, writing a book, or opening your business. Lost is any small momentum you had because you were riding on adrenaline and a surge of inspiration continuing to live your life the same way as before – unchanged and uninspired! People use motivation (why change) and too often forget that momentum (how to change) is critical. Keeping your momentum is hard.

However, when momentum has slowed or stopped, you can begin reflecting on your past stories that reveal patterns. And with focus on Women’s Hub these patterns, you can begin to see success from these past patterns of momentum amplifying your belief and feeling of being capable. You recognize you have been invested in the change you want realizing you have already achieved part of your goal. To get and keep your momentum, it is important that you:

• Accept: Accept that it is going to suck at first and there will be obstacles because introducing change, even small change, disrupts your entire system. Your old self who does not want to change will bring every weapon to bare to change you back and it knows you well. How you decide to use change will determine your level of success.

• Decide to Act: Know why you want to develop or change habits. Know the dynamics in your life that support the problem and the change you want. When your belief is strong it will trigger you to figure out the ways and means to get it done. Bring more into your life that which weakens the problem.

• Be Consistent: Darren Hardy, SUCCESS Magazine said, “Small, seemingly inconsistent steps completed consistently over time will create a radical difference.” You must be consistent to build momentum. No one else can do it. You must take consistent and right action that builds momentum.

• Raise Your Standards: To have lasting change, you must have a higher standard. Not a higher standard for other people but for you. A higher standard means what you want in life must be done. A co-worker was a smoker saying he ‘should’ stop smoking. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and decided then he ‘must’ stop smoking. He stopped but it was too late. He died. Do not wait for life threatening situations to make a change.

• Make Right Connections: You must have successful partners in your life. Too often advise is asked of those who know no more than you. You need an inner circle of people who motivates you to be your personal best, like a coach. Be consistent in avoiding and eliminating toxic relationships and situations from your life.

Be cautious of destructive momentum which is unhealthy sustained pressure on yourself or others that causes harm. It is not sustainable. Remember small changes lead to more significant changes bringing others along. The next time you lose your momentum and stuck remember that your desire to get unstuck is part of your momentum that is already present.

“Never surrender to the momentum of mediocrity.” Marlon Brando

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