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The Power of Balance

“The union of feminine and masculine energy within an individual is the basis for all creation.”

-Shakti Gawain

A global indoctrination has existed for centuries that being masculine is powerful and femininity is weak. It is also widely known that the one recognized with the power also has the influence.

Those in power can decide, rule, be free, own, and create. Power gives them access to natural and intellectual resources, possibility, and opportunities to produce, build, and dominate. Power is also perceived as a physical quality through muscle strength, stamina, and resilience. Achievement, progress, net worth, muscle, and access to financial resources are all considered to be “masculine”.

What holds true today as well as centuries ago is the fact that power has been continuously abused for personal gain and profit. Too often, those in power are not worthy or self-aware enough to know what to do with their power. Who has had the most “visible” power? Men. I am only stating a fact. Women have more access than ever before to this same masculine power and are measuring their levels of influence by this same masculine definition. Too often women are using their heads to rationalize, intellectualize, and strategize while losing touch with their essential source of creativity, intuition, and deeper knowing. It is time to recognize and reenergize the fact that femininity itself is power. It is not a weakness. As women have risen within the corporate and business sector, too many have forgotten their feminine strength. Not listening to their inner voice results in stress and exhaustion. After working “like a horse”, many awaken one day realizing they have been living their lives on autopilot. They realize they had not engaged with life and have never allowed themselves to just “feel” and “be”. What is feminine power? Feminine power is beautiful, graceful, nurturing, creative, and warm.

There is power in being. There is power in silence. Feminine power is focused on feelings and emotions. Feminine power is the balance to masculine power. Society has over-valued masculine qualities and forgotten the value of feminine power. To be whole, complete, and balanced to lead whether in business or in life, you must engage both qualities. Some examples of balanced power are:

• Protect/Nurture

• Hunt/Gather

• Do/Be Linear/Circular

• Assertive/Passive

• Conflict/Peace

• Hard/Soft

Imagine what the world, companies/organiszations, communities, families, and personal/professional lives would be if these powers were leveraged in a balanced way. The result would be greater growth, fulfillment, peace, joy, and love. Regardless of gender, everyone has both energies within them to use appropriately. You must discern if it is time to protect or nurture. Change begins with you. I watched an interview with Spanx founder, Sara Blakely. When she first got into business, men came to her and said business is war and walked away! She went home and cried questioning if she should be in business. She concluded business does not have to be like a war. The men would ask about her business plan. She said she did not have one and was talking to the universe about it and it will manifest. They thought she was nuts and made bets she would not survive. After four years of growth and success, each asked, “How do you talk to the universe?” She was intentional from the beginning to lead with feminine energy – vulnerability, empathy, and intuition while embracing the masculine.

She ensured she did not downplay her femininity especially in a room filled with those who up played their masculinity. I used assertiveness (masculine) to go for what I wanted in corporate and business. But used listening and creativity (feminine) to discover new approaches to a problem to lead partners/ team/family toward a shared vision. There was a time women had to bring more of their masculine energy to get ahead. They mimicked masculine energy, but it was insecure masculinity that had to dominate forcibly and be in control.

Today we see more mature masculinity. We need more. But there is a shift recognizing the value feminine energies from households to board rooms bring. REFLECT and answer the questions below (regardless of gender). Review some masculine and feminine techniques below that can help you if you are out of balance. Create your own as well that will bring you balance, joy, and fulfillment. What is your living and work environment? What is the predominant energy being used in the situation? What steps can you take to bring balance? Have you been in a demanding survival mode overdosing on masculine energy?

If so, your feminine side needs attention. Have you been required to be in an all day everyday nurturing environment? If so, your masculine side needs attention.


Compete: You can turn anything into a competition. Have fun but play to win.

Build: Use measurements, angles, and/or tools to build.

Read: The written word comes from the masculine side of your brain.

Strengthen Physically: This can be done through lifting or moving things.

Relax: Women tend to go from one thing to another. When work is done, relax.


Create: Determine what you enjoy or need and begin enjoying the process.

Nurture: There are many ways to nurture, i.e., encouragement, guidance, touch, and


Intuition: Follow your gut/first instinct. Build your intuition muscle to become stronger.

Emotions: Welcome them, stop choking on them, and improve health and relationships.

Holistic: Look at all aspects. How does one act, thought or process impact another? Acknowledging that feminine power and energy exists, and that it is incredibly powerful is of critical importance for your growth, development, and success. Feminine power has always been within us in subtle, hidden, and obscure ways. You must recognize it, learn how to use it, and reap the benefits. The key is the harmony between masculine and feminine energy and your recognition of which is needed.

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