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What Beliefs Must You Become to Make the Life You Want Real?

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values; your values become your destiny.”-Mahatma Gandhi

Your personal identity encompasses all your memories, experiences, relationships, and values. It includes your interests, likes, dislikes, talents, abilities, values, beliefs, and goals. Other factors that play a role in creating your personal identity is your culture and your subconscious agreement to societal labels. Too often you attach your identity to how other people see you hiding your true personal identity. All this creates a powerful sense of who you are. What personal identity have you created and chosen for yourself? Is it one with a limiting or empowering belief? The choice you make will determine how you show up and your results.

A belief is your acceptance, agreement, trust, faith, or confidence that something is true and exists. It is a story you have been telling yourself throughout your life unconsciously looking to prove its existence. Because that is your focus, you find your proof which leaves you certain of its truth. You will create more limitation or potential depending on whether you have a limiting or empowering belief. When you have empowering beliefs, your achievements can feel almost effortless. Limiting beliefs will creep up on you and can feel like you are pushing a boulder up a hill making it harder to get results.

Now you understand better the potent influence your beliefs have on your identity and results. How much more potential could you create and accomplish if “every” belief you had completely sustains, supports, and nurtures you? How much are you getting in your own way when showing up with your limiting beliefs? The most common self limiting catch phrases you must change are I do not have time, I cannot, I cannot because I am not, I am not enough, I will be judged, I am not as good them, I have failed, I am stupid, or I can never do this. Which phrases are you using to describe you before making a move?

Most people have a hunger for authenticity that guides them through every age and aspect of life. This drives you to explore work, relationships, play, and spirituality that all align with your self-image. You will experience regret when there is misalignment to being true to yourself. When you do not act in opposition to your values or personality, you are aligned. Correct your misalignment by understanding your:

Patterns and Habits: You must understand your thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and actions and then practice reframing them. If you have been practicing for a long time a limiting belief (not worthy, capable, enough) in who you are and what you can achieve, it will feel awkward to change. You must practice empowering beliefs (I AM worthy, capable, enough) to see better results.

Decision Making: You are constantly making small and big decisions. When making these decisions it is critical that you know which one of you is showing up. Stop making decisions that are out of line with who you are. You decide if your limiting or empowering self will be present on any given situation. Be aware of your body language, tone of voice, and focus on the negative. Tony Robbins shared some empowering beliefs that successful people have. The three that I like most are 1) “I am responsible for the life I create.”, 2) “Failure means nothing to me. I look for outcomes and if the outcomes are not what I expect, then I assess what I need to do to change those outcomes.” and 3) “I never stop trying to be the best person I can be.” Achieve sustainable success by making the choice to work on your belief system which determines your identity.

Do not act on any beliefs that are limiting you in any way. Be open to realizing your full potential and take ownership of how you show up controlling what you think, believe, say, and do. Reflect and answer the questions below and drive your momentum to achieve your results:

• What results do you want over the next 6-12 months? Why?

• What actions will get you those results?

• What are your empowering/limiting beliefs and certainty/ uncertainty?

• What is your current potential and what does it need to become to achieve your results? How will you close the gap?

• What will it cost you to not live up to your full potential?

“We all make mistakes, have struggles, and even regret things in our past. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.”

- Steve Maraboli

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