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What is the #1 Key to Fulfillment?

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.”-Socrates

Expectations about your life and how you should live it are abundant. And it seems an impossibility to live up to those expectations to live your authentic life. Even your planned life can leave you unfulfilled. You have that feeling that “something is just not right.” But what does it mean to be unfulfilled? “Fulfillment is the process of living a valued life, where you pursue things that matter to you or that you are enthusiastic about.” You choose actions that move you toward what you value, while achieving goals that were guided by your values.

Fulfillment brings the focus and control inside of you which gives you greater control over your experiences. You determine what is meaningful for you which empowers you to live your life that is consistent with your meaning of life. The #1 key to understanding what is meaningful and matters in your life is knowing the importance of knowing, being, and loving yourself unapologetically. You must go on a discovery mission into getting to know what matters that gets and keeps you excited. Becoming self-aware leads to your self-development, acceptance, and ability to take initiative improving your mental health. You are more confident not caring what others think.

When you are more conscious of your own emotions and feelings, you understand and are open to another’s point of view. Your relationships will improve as you feel free to authentically share yourself finding your community. You will make better decisions becoming less stressed about the choices you make. This happens when you:

• Learn your likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses

• Identify and understand your beliefs and core values

• Know your boundaries

• Understand your patterns of behavior that lead to poor outcomes

• Know your behaviors, tendencies, and thought patterns

• Have clarity regarding your life’s purpose and professional life

• Understand how you interact with others

• Have self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion

• Take initiative and are adaptable

• Release self-doubt to stand your ground

• Be unapologetic about who you are

When you feel pressured, alone, and aware that you do not like your position in your career, society, or life, you want to change. But the process of getting to know yourself and what you want can be scary, challenging work, and requires you to be deeply honest with who you are in the moment and want to be. Change does not happen overnight and is a process. In the beginning of change, you will stop doing the bad and distracting things and avoid making excuses to take control and get your power back. What are those things you must stop and avoid? This should be a slow and calm process. Fifty percent of your life’s problems go away just from these efforts. You will then invest in you physically, emotionally, and mentally that builds your self-esteem. You become more disciplined, open your heart to love and give, have a healthier lifestyle developing better and good habits. Again, slowly, and deliberately as it becomes a part of your life.

Until now you were making self-improvements readying yourself to take bigger actions and risks. You are now ready to be on an even greater path that you design. You are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to face bigger challenges and risks as you write and chart your life’s course. But this time you will design your life to be full of those things that matter to you, brings you joy and love, ensuring authenticity, peace, and fulfillment. You can now know who you are, be who you are, love who you are and be unapologetic about it living your fulfilled life!

“When you know yourself, you are empowered.When you accept yourself, you are invincible.”-Tina Lifford

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