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Why You Must Breathe Through Until Your Breakthrough!

“Whatever you are going through it is preparing you for your next breakthrough.”

Too often, people get stuck in the same place for far too long. Stuck in their cages with unlocked doors. You believe you should be doing something else, but what and how do you get it! Are you confused and feel as though you are drowning, stranded, or useless? You know you want and need to get away. But you believe you have no choice and feel stuck leading to anxiety, dread, and overwhelm. You interpret that “thing” in your life should be other than what it is, you compel yourself to make things happen, and nothing changes. You are spiraling in a negative state of regret, rejection, and self sabotage. Feeling stuck is like quicksand. The more you work to pull yourself out of it, the deeper you sink. Because of your insecurities, you chase, push, manipulate, and control everything and everyone to feel safe, loved, and excited about your life. But you continue sinking. To realize your breakthrough, you must first accept that you are feeling stuck and stop fighting what is. Your resistance is your reason to unwind and make the best with what is currently in your hand. Your breakthrough is coming when you experience:

• Consistent painful circumstances and obstacles pushing you to the limit.

• Silence and unanswered prayers.

• Negative influences (people, habits, situations) that you refuse to remove, yet they disappear.

• Fear of making “any” moves.

• Releasing your ego.

• Recommitment and healing.

• The hunger for the truth, light, spiritual connection, and its knowledge.

• The transforming of your mind to see the bigger picture and the possible within the impossible.

• Your purpose revealed aligning your direction with the necessary resources.

• Gratitude for the hardships and thankful for your survival through it.

• Calm, connectedness, and expectancy of the good that is present and coming.

You can bring forth your breakthrough in any area of your life, i.e., career, business, intimate life, mental and physical health, or finances. But you must not settle for less than you deserve. You must be open to trusting, realizing, and being ready for your possibilities. Per Tony Robbins, to experience your breakthrough, you must:

• Identify and manage strategies that work for you consistently maximizing your time to sustain your success with action. Change your strategy to change your results!

• Reframe disempowering stories about why you cannot achieve what you want for your life. For example, a core belief that you will remain single because you are not enough will inhibit you from finding or following through on a strategy. You must have a story that is possible. Your belief must be that you are worthy of a loving and fulfilling intimate partnership. Remember your expectations control your focus, perception, how you feel and act. You must be hungry for change!

• Manage your emotional and mental state because it is the filter you use to see your life and possibilities. Your state determines who you believe you are, your capabilities, and what you believe you can achieve or not. My disempowerment story is worthiness. Inner conflict brings this out. I take ownership of my thoughts and feelings with action to set strategies to reframe my story. Change your state also by reducing stress with an empowering focus. Your state changes everything.

Your breakthrough comes from an accumulation of tiny shifts over time. Breakthroughs come from what you do daily, and what dominates your thoughts. All that you have learned creates understanding and clarity that creates your “aha” moment. You were successful in creating over time tiny shifts that will result in your breakthrough. As you journey through this process, it can translate into something that feels dangerous and potentially life-threatening due to uncertainty. What is most important is to have the courage and commitment to stop settling for second best.

Everything you need already exists. Be open to see and seize your success resources that will help you pivot in the right direction. You must take ownership of your life because the problem starts and ends with you. Decide change must happen now which is hard.

The moment you make the critical decision is the moment that the rest of your life will change. What decision must you make now? I decided success for me was work/life balance. I wanted to manage my time as a strategy and changed my story that balance is possible. A tiny shift made in my schedule allows me to spend nap time with my granddaughter. What tiny shifts must you make? Why is it necessary?

Your breakthrough is in your future once you decide it to be possible. Decide, surrender, and release in peace with expectation.

“Breakthroughs happen when limiting thoughts and behaviors are challenged.”

-Fabienne Frederickson

Article Written By Gladys Agwai

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