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Mary J.

"As my career coach, I felt an immediate connection with Gladys. She spent time learning to know me not just on a professional level but a personal level as well. I always felt comfortable to confide in her, and she taught me how to communicate my aspirations to my leadership and obtain the recognitions that I deserved.  While working with Gladys, I won several awards - Rookie of the Year, General Manager, Rep of the Quarter, and Rep of the Year."

A. Kaestner

"You were my mentor, coach, trainer and teacher while at IBM and I was successful.  I never forget how much you influenced my success."

M. Reed

"Gladys has been a great coach whether it's vertical or horizontal."

Debola C.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Gladys through my mother at a complementary home session here in Nigeria. Initially, I had no interest in attending but decided to go with an open mind. By the end of the session, I found a person I could finally open up to, someone who pushed me to speak my mind and be bold about it.


My time spent discussing and brainstorming with Gladys has been very eye opening and an awakening for me. Because of her, I am a newer and improved version of myself because she believed in me. She is an extraordinary, caring and loving woman and I am very grateful to have met her."

Audrey S.

In 2011 I had an awakening. I was a divorced single parent, overweight with diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, no confidence in my personal or work life and was not pleased by my outward appearance. My mentor and coach, Gladys Agwai, played an integral role in changing my outlook of the “possible” versus the “impossible”. She challenged me, never allowing me to settle for the norm which resulted in my stepping outside of a lifetime of safe and into changing what I thought was impossible to a belief that I am a change agent for my own success and anything is possible. I’ve lost the weight, my health is under control, my career has transformed as well as my personal life! 

Sylvia N.

"Gladys developed, coordinated and provided the keynote address for members of the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC Regional Affiliate Office).  As a corporate leader, Gladys provided critical coaching to medium and small business owners and leaders.  The information was not only relevant but extremely engaging.  Members said that the coaching was “outstanding, our best session”, “Gladys provided inside information and access to grow our businesses”.  Gladys not only raised the bar for GMSDC members, but also set a new standard in coaching businesses and providing access to new opportunities.

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