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Gladys Your Life Coach

Corporate Professionals & Leaders


Tired of mediocre results? Tired of almost achieving success? Unclear about what you want or the moves to get it? Are you stuck in your life, career, or business and scared to make a move? Want to take your life to the next level? Coach with Gladys Agwai and watch what happens! Lots of coaches, consultants and speakers will hold your hand and allow you to wallow in your issues - not Gladys! With Gladys, you will get straight talk and real strategies for improvement, plus accountability finally breaking through your excuses to get what you have always wanted! Gladys is a Life Coach ensuring a holistic view into your life. Too often, people look at their lives in silo when we are all complicated interconnected human beings.


Take advantage of Gladys’ many years of being a global corporate executive  as well as a speaker, coach, and trainer to some of the leading professionals and organizations around the world. And if you have read any of Gladys’ books and articles or listened to her videos and speeches, you know she has great depth in a variety of topics that cross life, business, and career. A personal experience with Gladys will elevate your life based on your definition of success. It will move you to places you have always wanted to go but did not have the clarity and right mindset to take the uncomfortable action required to achieve it. 

The Process

By working with Gladys Agwai to develop your customized strategy using the 5 C-Step Methodology, you will unlock your potential and authenticity to advance both personally and professionally. In addition to improved leadership skills, you will get clear to create, connect, communicate and capitalize in every key area of your life.



by: Gladys Agwai, MSM

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"Gladys helped me identify what I thought were my weaknesses, showed me how they were my strengths, and how to better leverage them.  Thank you for bringing out the best in me.”

- Doris O

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