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Youth Leadership Coaching "Girls Ignited"

Girls Ignited is a self-esteem enhancing leadership academy that teaches young ladies the importance of self care, professional preparation skills, and copying mechanisms for dealing with others and uncomfortable situations. This program is designed for young ladies ages 10-20.

The best gifts that you can give a young girl is education and exposure to learning opportunities. I designed Girls Ignited to help young ladies get started the right way by loving themselves first.


The Girls Ignited programs provides girls 13-20 with the unique benefit of learning, living, and leading with strategies that will help to grow and propel them forward in life regardless of what they decide to do.  Girls Ignited will help girls to:


  1. Overcome and manage their fears about their future and success

  2. Get to know their BEST self

  3. Discover their unique purpose

  4. Embrace the mindset of valuing and adding value to people

  5. Make a habit of identifying, anticipating, and seizing opportunities


 I tell my girls: “Don’t believe everything you think, Believe everything they feel.”  It’s telling them something and they should do something about it!  You can count on me to teach them how!

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